Take The Torch To TokyoTake The Torch To Tokyo

Take The Torch To Tokyo will see us engage not only ourselves as a team but also the schools, families and communities we work with in a combined goal of achieving the required distance, what makes our challenge unique is that en route to Tokyo we will stop off via our friends and contacts we have around the globe.  Our journey to Tokyo will take us on a 14,853km journey around the world. On the way to Tokyo we will be stopping off at some of our key global venues such as, Sweden, India, Myanmar and Hong Kong where we will be sharing some interesting facts about our connections and projects in these countries, before we arrive at our final destination of Tokyo . There are two ways you can Take The Torch To Tokyo, this is through joining our Strava team, or by completing our virtual challenge pack and submitting your results at the bottom of the page.


TTTTT Challenge Pack

Virtual Challenge Pack

If you do not have access to Strava and would like to contribute distance to our 'Take The Torch To Tokyo' virtual challenge you can participate in our virtual challenges which will be updated on a weekly basis. Click the picture to the left to find out more about our 'Virtual Challenge Pack'. Once you have completed your weekly challenges, come back and add your score using the question and answer segment below.


Strava Challenge

The idea has been designed around inclusivity and one in which everyone can get involved, it could be walking the dog, going for a jog, bike ride or any other form of exercise in which you can record the distance. To help us track the progress, we will be using the app or weblink ‘Strava’, please could you register using this link  https://www.strava.com/clubs/planeteducation or by searching for “Planet Education” in the club section on the Strava app. So far this week we have travelled......