Developing the next generation of leaders

The qualifications available from Sports Leaders UK give young people the experience they need to improve their life skills through sports leadership.

We offer courses in the following Sports Leaders UK initiatives:

PlayMaker Programme

The PlayMaker Programme helps you introduce and develop leadership skills in your Year 5 and 6 children by training them up and getting them to organise activities for other children. These can be held in the playground or lunch club. The scheme's aim is to increase the amount of physical activity undertaken during playtime, reduce anti-social behaviour and help raise the self-esteem and self-confidence of the leaders.

Young Leaders Award

The Young Leader Award is a great introduction into leadership, giving pupils and students that are 11 years plus knowledge of how to organise and lead small games and activities.

It aims to help learners develop leadership skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork, as well as helping them to build confidence and self-esteem as they take on responsibility for leading their peers and younger children.

Women, get set, go!

This personal development programme has been specifically designed for women and girls (14 years and over) to encourage them to communicate with confidence, value their own skills, understand how the world of sport and leadership works, and to develop a personal action plan for their future involvement in sports leadership.

You can find out more about the various Sports Leaders UK programmes here