We don't just talk opportunity for ALL, we live it

As we've been at the forefront of PE and sports coaching provision to nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools for many years, we are perfectly positioned to bring the expertise we have and experience we've gained to bear for Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools.

Our passion and commitment has always been to encourage participation in sport for children of all ages and ALL abilities. It's that passion and commitment which has led us to design our coaching programmes and classes for children with special educational needs.

The first step on a sports journey

Our sports coaching for SEN schools enables children to have fun and enjoy themselves while improving their well-being. It gives them the chance to experience a wide range of sports, increase their confidence and thrive and grow within their abilities.

Other pupils will also gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced by children with special educational needs, disability in general and the importance of paralympic sport.

Our SEN schools coaching is, for many children, the first step on their personal disability sport journey. It can lead to great things for some of those we coach. And as London 2012 clearly proved – all of our children should have a dream.

Sportability Clubs

These are our flagship coached activities for children with disability and special educational needs.

Sportability Clubs give children the chance to have fun and enjoy themselves in structured sessions that help to improve their confidence, communication skills and fundamental movement capabilities in a team building environment where they can make new friends, too.

Making the most of Musii

Musii is an interactive, sensory device that promotes movement and increases mobility for children of all ages and abilities by combining movement, music and light to engage them.

It is the only system which allows pupils to measure movement and improvement with musical recognition. Musii sessions are delivered by our experienced team of fully qualified, professional coaches which enable even those with the most limited movement to improve their sensory skills and express their creativity.

You can find out more about Musii here

Like every service we provide, our support and programmes for Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools are all Ofsted registered, designed to meet National Curriculum standards and delivered our fully trained, qualified and security-assured coaches.