We all need help at times in our lives. We all have accidents now and again and we all get hurt. 

When we are injured or suddenly unwell, what we want and need is someone to help us – someone who knows what to do. First aid is all about helping people in situations like this. 

Our first aid programme in partnership with British Red Cross will help you learn first aid so that you know what to do. It’s easier than you think, and there are simple things that you can do to help. 

You can make a difference.  

Life. Live it. will help you stay safe and help others. Simple actions can make a big difference – your pupils can even become a life–saver. Are you ready to help?? 

Why the big deal?

Have you ever seen someone fall over and hurt their leg? Or perhaps you know someone who’s been very ill? Have you ever been near an accident? 

Imagine being able to help in each of these situations – that’s what first aid is all about. 

First aid is important because it can save lives, but it can help you do a lot more: 

  • You can spot dangers 

  • You can help someone who has had an accident 

  • You can help someone who has suddenly become ill 

  • You can get help in an emergency 

  • You can help someone who is very upset 

Our Life. Live it programme will help your pupils learn what to do when people are hurt or in different kinds of danger. By learning first aid, your pupils will find out how to: 

  • help someone who has a burn 

  • help someone with a nose bleed 

  • help someone who is choking 

  • help someone keep calm 

  • make a 999 call 

  • do much more. 

Your pupils don’t need to have special items or a first aid kit to give first aid. 

The most important thing is to know the simple steps to follow in different situations

Our First Aid programme is available for children from in year 6. The programme which has been designed by the British Red Cross meets the new 2020 UK National Curriculum Requirements. 


For more information on the Life. Live it. Programme please contact Alex Murray on 02380 682408 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.